[PREMIERE] Owyl – Chasing Dreams (April Towers Remix)

I promised Owyl and April Towers that this time, I’d try to curb my enthusiasm and keep the excessive flattery to a minimum (“try” being the keyword try – fifth time’s a charm, right?) If you want prior evidence of me pouring my heart out about each of them, read their first features here and here.

April Towers (Charlie Burley and Alex Noble) and Owyl (Isaac Short and Archie Stephen) were introduced through DNNM, so it gives us great pleasure to premiere this remix. It’s outstanding (obviously…we are dealing with 4 boy geniuses here); they’re able to elevate Archie’s voice to a place that I didn’t even know existed. Really haunting, get-under-your-skin-type stuff.

This was the first time that the 13-year-old duo had ever been approached about a rework, and who better than Charlie and Alex to do it (seriously, listen to their Peaks EP below if you haven’t yet). Here’s to dozens more.

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