[MP3] De Lux – Better At Making Time

Our friends over at The Most Definitely said that De Lux, made up of members Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco, is the second coming of LCD Soundsystem.

While I do not know if I’d go that far – but that could be due to LCD Soundsystem being my favorite band of all time so I find them too sacred to touch – this song definitely shares some of their characteristics.

First off, the name of the song is a title that James Murphy would absolutely use for one of his own songs plus its reminiscent of a lyric from, “You Wanted A Hit.” There was also that time I saw them play live in Philly at Making Time.

“Yeah, you wanted the time, but maybe I can’t do time”

Secondly, it has got that notorious DFA kick drum sound and a dash of James’ favorite instrument, cowbell.

Thirdly, it is 7 and a half minutes long. Download the track below or get the whole EP here via ScionAV.

MP3: De Lux – Better At Making Time

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