Tips for greener Christmas gifts for your wife

Christmas approaches and you have to choose gifts for our loved ones. Either by compromise or because we want, we can do many things to make the gift more eco-friendly.

In this post, we give you five easy tricks to apply that put us to reduce the environmental impact of the present. But, perhaps our gesture is significant? No doubt, that, because in addition to a gift are leading by example, and that is another gift for your recipient. “What should i get my wife for christmas 2016?”

Some practical tips

Before choosing gifts and wrap, let’s take a look at these tips and little tricks if we give a green touch. They can not only inspire us to find the perfect gift, but we will also help protect the planet. Therefore, we will make two gifts in one:

  1. more sustainable materials: Choosing sustainable materials is ideal, but it can also make a big difference opt for those that are in comparative terms. For example, the same material will be more video than another if its carbon footprint by transport is lighter. Or, say, if we disregard the package or timber instead of choosing opted for bamboo.
  1. Do it yourself: Gifts do not have to be purchased. In fact, everything we do with our hands with all the love in the world will have a plus as a unique gift that will thrill that particular person. Soaps object with creative recycling, tricot with balls we have forgotten …
  1. Monitor the carbon footprint: When choosing a gift is important to look at the product life-cycle management. However, we do not always have the necessary information to make the appropriate comparisons. Still, we can always take into account factors such as the carbon footprint produced by transport.

Or, why not give away a bike, a train ride or a nearby unexpected place. For example, a stay in a cabin, just a few minutes to disconnect from the madding crowd.

  1. How to pack them ?: The wrapping paper inevitably ends up in the trash so that it would be interesting wrap imaginatively re-using materials such as newsprint or fabric.

Another option is to hide and play hide and seek or even better, find the right time to make the gift and place without packaging, ready to surprise … Choosing an appropriate time (when such a need, taking into account circumstances, etc.) is such an active big surprise. If the gift is also well chosen, there is no better way to practice the art of giving.

  1. Gifts that encourage green attitudes: Choose gifts that promote an ecological style of life is a gift with more environmentally friendly than Christmas spirit. In these cases, it puts his is easy.

That is if our goal is to raise awareness to seek items that make life more comfortable, such as reusable shopping bags (there are very beautiful designs and even folding), decorative solar lamps or flashlights that work with kinetic energy and therefore They do not need batteries.

An original detail could give a pressure cooker attaching a beautiful calendar seasonal fruits and vegetables or drawer of delicious local organic fruits and vegetables. How about giving a book to initiate us into organic farming with our friends, family, parents, siblings or with the kids in the house?

As always suggest is the key, and gifts that are made to share time together have guaranteed success. Also, when the award speaks for itself, no words are needed. Who speaks the language of environmental respect depends on us …